Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hollie's 2012 Sexy caledars

Its almost 2012 and we want to advice you that this year you have lot's of choice (and calendar) for viewing Hollie Peers on your wall. Yesterday I presented the page3 calendar, today I'll present Her personal calendar and Hsc's calendar.

Holly Peers Calendar
This is the second official calendar of the beautiful Hollie. As the last year the calendar is set in a hot place (as if she is not hot enough) and near the sea. There is no better way to enjoy the 2012 with Hollie or your wall! You can buy the calendar (and have other information about) here. Here i have posted some preview from Nuts Website. Oh obviously she is topless inside.
PS The view of Hollie in this calendar can cause addiction, use it carefully!

HSC Calendar
As last five years we also the Hotshot Calendar where we found lovely British top-model with big guns! This year Hollie is the cover girl and there is plenty of action in this calendar. The other beauty are the brunettes Rosie Jones and India Reynolds and the blondes Staci Noblet and Charlotte Mckenna. The 50% of the profit will go to Help for Heroes, so another good reason to buy the calendar. For other information (or buy it) you can go in the official HSC Site and follow them of Twitter or/and Facebook.

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