Saturday, 20 October 2012

Holly Peers 2013 Calendars Review

Holly is in the cover (and inside) a lot of calendar this year. So plenty of choices for buying an Holly Peers calendar and hanging it on the wall (i would recommend to buy all of them). Here i have posted all the link from calendar club, but you can buy them also from global calendar, ebay or amazon ( i have bought 2012 from ebay becouse i'm italian, but all seems good choice if you are from UK)

1 Blonde VS Brunette
This theme calendar is based on the classic contrapposition beetween blonde and Brunette. On the cover the super Hot Staci Noblet with our favourite Brunette Holly. Inside lots of others Girls like Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh.

Good Calendar. For Forever Undecised.

2 Page3 Calendar
It's a classic! As every year we have a new Hot calendar with a page3 girl for every single month. You will immediately check if Holly is the girl of your birthday month. Holly is the December girl. Lucky you if you are born in December.
This year page3 give you also an extra dvd with the behind the scene extra.
For page3 lovers.

Holly is not on the cover but she is inside (the girl of January). Is another classic, not new Pic, if already love Nuts pics but want it bigger for you wall this is your cup of thea, otherwise i would not recomend it. It ha the same pic of the last year! Personally i would not buy it.
For Nuts collectionist

Another themed calendar. It's the only (soon it will arrive hot shoot calendar but for the moment it's not on sale) with non naked Holly's pics. It's a good compromise if you don't want to have breast on your wall. I personally like it but some pics are a bit old. Holly is in the inside with Rhian, Stacey Massey, Lucy, Rosie, India and others ( Holly is the june Girl).

A sophisticated choice

Yes in this case there isn't any Photos of Holly. So why I put this calendar on the list? Becaouse i really like amii then it's a pitty that we didn't see her on magazine frequently, but we can always admire her on this calendar
For her Blue eyes.

6 Holly Peers
I have already talk about this calendar. I honestly think you could have a live without the other calendar, but not without this! From the previews i have seen on Nuts magazine and on the net this is the best calendar you could hang on the wall this year. I think the photos are even better this year and you should definetely buy it

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