Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Holly 10 Years Nuts Celebration di resca_807


  1. Thank you for the latest video of Holly. I'm a big big fanatic of Miss Peers! You may recognize my name, perhaps? I'm gokkunfanatic from various forums.

    I was wondering if you could please share the original video file, please? The copy from Dailymotion is very low quality, and I am trying to build a collection of the highest quality material possible. I figured Dailymotion downgraded the video quality significantly from what you used as a source file. I would greatly appreciate this, if you could please upload the original file to some online host, perhaps Depositfiles, Ryushare,, or somewhere else please.

    I see you have reposted a lot of the stuff I've shared of Holly (everything from Pabo, Obsessive, and all the Page 3 animations were originally by me.) Also, large portions of the Nuts photos and a few of the videos of Holly originated from my posts on Nudecelebforum and Planetsuzy.

    I would consider it a big help to get this latest video in some higher quality, please.

    Thank you, great blog! :-)

    1. I'll try to ask to a friend if he has got one of higher quality. Thank you for all your great works buddy!

  2. I!m sorry I only have this video quality not any of higher.


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